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Have an Amazing Smoked Beef with Nyapii

29/07/2020 - 03:48 | Views: 50.39k
Tasty delicious slices of smoked beef of Nyapii. (Photo: Baba Rafi)

TIMESMALANG, SURABAYA – Enjoying smoked beef that presented by an experienced chef has become a new trend in the local community of Indonesia. This new popular habit was firstly introduced by Nyapii which was founded by Founder & CEO Baba Rafi Enterprise, Hendy Setiono collaborated with the owner of Warteg Gratis, Edho Zell.

Baba Rafi Enterprise has been well known with their Kebab products. Kebab is some kind of taco filled with shredded veggies, sliced smoked beef and some ketchup and mayonnaise. They have been well known to have a good quality beef for their kebab.

If you think that this dish will be so much expensive and un reachable for the common people, you are wrong. For this food were made to satisfy the common and reach them though food. Nyapii trying to bring an affordable modern taste closer to the people.

They just have a grand opening of their first booth at Ruko Graha Boulevard Summarecon Serpong, Tangerang, Banten. If the customers seem to give a positive feedback and a good enthusiasm, they planned to open another branch in each city in Indonesia.

The grand opening was followed by several public figure and food vlogger. They even have to close their booth earlier for they have run out of stock. “I’m so happy that there are lots of people coming to the grand opening. It shows their enthusiasm, some of them even send us a bucket of flower. I do really appreciate that,” Hendy said on Tuesday (28/7/2020)

Nyapii does hook people’s hearts to try their food. The nice aroma of smoked beef has attracted people to come to their booth even if they have to line up and wait for their turn to get this amazing taste of smoked beef during this pandemic. (*)

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